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Welcome to the Sandwell Online Admissions Service
Please complete this online application form only if you are a Sandwell resident

From here you can apply for a place in Reception, Year 3 (Junior) class or a place in Year 7 at Secondary School either in Sandwell or in another Local Authority. Please note that you can make applications for all these year groups from 14 September 2015.

Our parent Information booklet contains essential information about applying for a school place and it is recommended that you read this before completing your online application form.

To assist you in completing your application. Please view our online guide on how to apply online.

Online User Guide

Closing dates for applications are as follows:

  • 31 October 2015(Secondary)

  • 15 January 2016(for Reception / Year 3)

Online applications cannot be made after the relevant closing date.

If you apply for a place after these dates your application will be treated as late and processed only after on time applications. To make a late application you can download a paper application form after the closing date or contact our Parent Support Line (0121 569 6765).

You may also have to complete additional forms when you are applying for some schools and academies. Please refer to the parent Information booklet for further details.


Reception / Infant to Junior

Applicants applying for places in Reception should note that although children may already be in attendance at the school’s nursery – this does not guarantee a place in the reception class at that school.

Applying for a place in a Junior School

We find that most children already at an Infant school want to go to the linked Junior School. In Sandwell, priority will be given to pupils who already attend the linked Infant school and also to those who have brothers or sisters attending either the linked Infant school or the Junior school for which they are applying at the time of admission.

If you wish to apply for a year 3 place in a Primary school, this can be done by applying for a mid year transfer.

You need to be aware that if you change your email account after registering, your offer will be sent to the email address from which you originally applied.

Please note that until you click the SUBMIT button your application will not be complete. 

















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